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Safety Foot Wear-The Purpose And Guidelines For Selection Of Appropriate Safety Footwear

Safety Foot Wear

Even if you choose to buy safety footwear online, you should compare the quality, prices and other important pointers before choosing a dealer. Only reliable dealers can offer you quality footwear. Since you are safety footwear for the purpose of safety, quality should be the first consideration.

Safety Foot Wear or Safety Shoes are widely used in industries and at construction sites where there is a high risk of employees hurting their foot. Safety footwear is designed to protect feet against injuries. impact, compression, and puncture.

You can buy safety boots online.  A variety of safety shoes are available online wherein the shoes will be delivered to you within a short time. Buying safety boots online is an excellent option.

Selection of suitable Safety footwear:

Footwear is normally chosen based on the hazards that are associated with the workplace.

•    Materials handled by the worker
•    Risk emerging from objects falling on the feet
•    Crushing of the foot by any material
•    Injury to the bottom of the foot by sharp items
•    Exposure to corrosive materials
•    Fire-prone places with the risk of static electrical discharges
•    Risk to electronic components/ equipment due to the discharge of static electricity
•    Risk of coming into contact with energized conductors of low to moderate voltage (e.g., 220 volts or less)

Requirements for fit and safety footwear:

•    The footwear must be comfortable for wearing and moving while at work.
•    Boots should have ample toe room.
•    Provision for extra socks must be there.
•    Fit of the boots should be with correct tolerance around the heel and ankle when laced.


•    Water-resistant coating should be provided.
•    Inspect footwear periodically for any repair.
•    Do not wear worn out shoes.
•    Do not use electric shock resistance of footwear in wet conditions.

The human foot is constituted by a very delicate structure of small bones, nerves and muscles. Workplace Safety Products is the most essential prerequisite for a congenial and productive work environment that achieves the set targets. A wrong step can cause real loss of time and results in compromised fitness/partial disability.

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